Museum of the African Diaspora

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I love history and museums, particularly African American history museums.

Whenever I travel, whether for work or to visit family and friends, I make a point of visiting a nearby museum to learn the history and culture of the the city I’m in and to see how black history is celebrated generally.

A few years ago I visited San Francisco and the Museum of the African Diaspora.

What a wonderful place!

The museum features several permanent and interactive exhibits fitting for all ages. My favorite parts of the museum were Slavery Passages and the Freedom Theatre.

Slavery Passages is a darkened room with just a narrow bench along the perimeter of the room. While sitting on the narrow bench in this darkened room you hear accounts of enslaved men and women and what they had to endure in captivity. Each narrative is introduced by Maya Angelou and is accompanied by music from the period and the country. The stories of courage and hardship come from the United States, the West Indies, South America and the Sudan.

Freedom Theatre is a small intimate theatre where you can watch films that tell stories of struggles and celebrations. What is so wonderful about the theatre is you get to select the film or movie you want to see (if you’re the first one in the theatre, or if everyone leaves you can change the film to one that you are interested in). The films, some short and some long, are a mixture. Some of the movies are about a particular period or movement and others are about great individuals and their accomplishments.

I have just mentioned two of the great things in the museum.  There is much more to see.

If you find yourself in San Francisco check out the museum. It is worth the visit.








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  1. Antionette Blake

    Yes, I always enjoy visiting our historical museums as they are an awakening. Although the struggle isn’t over, it’s amazing to learn about the sacrifices made that has gotten us to this point.


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